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Here at Tennis Court Maintenance, our UK leading experts specialise in the rejuvenation process which involves taking out the old, contaminated sand infill and then replacing it with new clean sand.

If you're in need of experienced and friendly tennis court rejuvenation installers in Rodmersham Green then look no further than us.

We may carry out tennis court rejuvenation in Rodmersham Green ME9 0 to restore the original properties of your facility if your surfacing starts to hold water.

In the UK many clubs and schools have artificial sand-filled grass sports surfacing installed to replace worn out natural grass pitches or all weather areas which have become waterlogged and unsuitable for use.

Sand-filled synthetic turf is a popular choice for tennis court facilities as it provides natural playing characteristics but requires less maintenance than real grass and can also be used for multiple sports including football and hockey.

These artificial grass sports surfaces are infilled with a layer of silica sand to maintain an even pile height and to keep the grass carpet stable during gameplay on your tennis courts.

Over time, the sand infill layer in these artificial surfaces can become compacted and contaminated with moss and algae due to overuse and a lack of proper maintenance and care, this is where rejuvenation needs to be carried out.

The rejuvenation process for a sand-filled facility involves extracting the existing layer of dirty sand infill and applying a new clean layer of sand in its place to restore the original performance qualities of the surfacing.

Sports court rejuvenations should take place if the synthetic grass court begins holding water and tests are carried out to show that the sand infill layer has been contaminated by dirt, moss and algae.

If the surface of your sports surface is particularly damaged and has become unsafe, we can carry out a complete tennis court renovation - presented on this page - to install a new surface with much better performance qualities.

Please get in touch with us today by completing our contact form and we'll reply back to talk about the costs of rejuvenating your sports surface.

Regular Sports Court Maintenance Near Me

A sand-filled tennis surface can become contaminated for a number of reasons including leaves and twigs falling onto the area, damage from weathering and overuse, and lack of an adequate maintenance schedule.

Regularly and proactively cleaning and maintaining your sports facility in Rodmersham Green ME9 0 and surrounding areas, will reduce the likelihood of rejuvenation needing to be carried out and will keep the area safe and performing well.

Depending on the existing conditions of the area and the surrounding environment, the amount and type of maintenance needed will differ.

Drag brushing and redistribution of the sand infill should prevent compaction, and applying a moss and algae treatment will stop dirt and debris from contaminating the surfacing and affecting the porosity of synthetic turf system.

Putting an appropriate cleaning and maintenance plan into place for your sand-filled court will reduce the risk of flooding and damage to the facility, as well as reducing the need for a rejuvenation to be undertaken.

If the surfacing does sustain any areas of damage, our team can complete tennis surface repairs which could include fixing rips in artificial grass or applying an emerald stone mixture to macadam.

For more information on repairs please click here We can offer repair services at a reasonable price, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you'd like to discuss an enquiry for a tennis court rejuvenation and maintenance project, use our contact box to tell us as much information as possible about the work you're looking to carry out.

One of our experienced team members will get in contact with you to offer some helpful advice with regards to maintenance plans and pricing to keep your courts in the best condition possible.

What is Tennis Surface Rejuvenation?

Tennis surface rejuvenation is completed to transform all-weather pitches and improve porous properties.

Overtime sand-filled synthetic turf can become contaminated causing the area to waterlog or become flooded; rejuvenations are a way to remove contamination and redistribute the sand to improve the facility's porosity and restore its original performance characteristics.

During the rejuvenation process, our experts will remove dirty sand and replace it with new, clean infill.

This will then be distributed evenly throughout the surfacing, which will improve the performance of the surfacing. 

In order to keep your sports surfacing performing well and safe for users, you will need to get the pitch rejuvenated when necessary.

Regular inspections should be completed to ensure the pitch isn't starting to hold water.

Should you find that the surfacing is retaining water, you will need to get a professional to rejuvenate the area as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Tennis court rejuvenation can also help extend the life of your surfacing.

We can complete rejuvenations at a cost-effective price and to a high quality.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are worried about your waterlogged pitch. 

How to Rejuvenate a Tennis Facility

If you are desperate to find out how to rejuvenate a tennis facility, our contractors follow these steps:

  1. Inspect surfacing for waterlogging

  2. Extract existing dirty infill

  3. Replace with new infill

  4. Spread and distribute the sand evenly throughout the pitch

Once you have rejuvenated your facility in Rodmersham Green and surrounding areas, the performance and safety characteristics will be restored along with the porous properties which may have been lost due to contamination.

If you have any other questions regarding the process, please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

Tennis Pitch Infill Cleaning in Rodmersham Green

It is important to get you the infill within your facility cleaned regularly to ensure dirt and debris within the synthetic grass fibres is removed.

Deep cleaning the grass fibres and infill can help to remove contamination, meaning that your facility is less likely to become waterlogged or flooded.

Regular maintenance can help you reduce the need for costly repairs like resurfacing.

We can carry out rejuvenations within your maintenance plan to minimise your chances of needing a resurface. 

Tennis pitch infill cleaning can be done to prevent drainage problems, this means that the surface will maintain its porous properties and water can drain through easily.

In the event, the field or court has become dirty or contaminated and you require refurbishment please click here

Other Maintenance Services We Offer

This is important for sports pitches near me because if the water does not drain through the synthetic turf could become slippery and the facility will be dangerous to players using the court. 

If you would like more information on tennis court rejuvenation in Rodmersham Green ME9 0 and you require a quote for the works, please fill in our contact box and one of our friendly staff members will get back to you.

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