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We are Tennis Court Maintenance! We carry out specialist cleaning and maintenance to tennis courts of various surface types to ensure a safe and high-quality sports surfaces all year round. 

If you like to receive more expert advice on tennis court maintenance in Rodmersham Green our friendly and experienced team will help.

You must carry out regular tennis court maintenance in Rodmersham Green ME9 0 when you have a brand new tennis court surface installed to keep it in the best possible condition.

To ensure that it is safe for use, whether it's at a professional club, school or residential sports facility.

These multi-purpose sports courts can be installed in a variety of playing surface types, including -

  • Macadam

  • Polymeric rubber

  • Synthetic grass

Each of these specifications has specific upkeep and care requirements that need to be met for the facility to reach its full potential.

We can complete a range of tennis court maintenance services for these different surface types depending on the conditions of the flooring and the surrounding area.

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Sports Court Cleaning

Macadam and polymeric courts need to be cleaned regularly through brushing to remove dirt and debris, such as leaves, and prevent contaminations from blocking up the pores in the court surface.

Sports surfacing maintenance and cleaning for these surface types should also include pressure washing by a specialist contractor with experience within the sport surfacing industry.

We offer a range of cost effective tennis court surfaces cleaning services in Rodmersham Green for different surfacing types, including artificial grass, macadam, and polymeric rubber.

If you require more information on tennis court cleaning, please click here.

Cleaning sports surfaces is vital to maintain the porosity of the surfacing and make sure that it is safe to play on.

If you don't undertake regular cleaning, the surfacing may become contaminated and unsafe for players.

We use specialist cleaning equipment to restore the surfacing's original performance and safety characteristics and improve the overall appearance. 

Tennis Surface Repainting Near Me

New courts in Rodmersham Green and surrounding areas often have anti-slip colour coatings and lines applied when installed, but the paint and line markings can fade and become cracked over time due to heavy use or damage from the weather.

Having the flooring resprayed with anti-slip paint and fresh line markings as part of the sports surfaces upkeep process will improve the performance qualities of the facility and ensure that the flooring is safe for use by players.

To learn more about repainting, please visit this page.

We have several different colour options to choose from to allow you to create a unique design for your sports facility.

We also complete relining in the colour of your choice.

If you'd like more information on repainting, please fill in our contact form, and we can get back to you with a quote.

Tennis Court Repairs in Rodmersham Green

If the sports surfaces becomes damaged from vandalism, overuse or weathering, it may be necessary to repair it as part of overall maintenance works.

Repairing tennis courts could include recapping polymeric or macadam which has started fretting or showing cracks, or seam and joint repairs to synthetic grass where the carpet has ripped or come apart.

If you would like to find out more about this, please check out this page.

We complete these minor repairs in Rodmersham Green ME9 0 and surrounding areas and more significant maintenance such as resurfacing.

The resurfacing consists of installing a brand new tarmac wearing course; this can be pretty costly, so we recommend carrying out regular maintenance to prevent the need for this type of service. 


Sport Surface Chemical Treatments

It is essential to carry out as much preventative and proactive servicing as possible, so having a chemical treatment to prevent contamination from moss and algae is always recommended with sports surfaces near me.

These treatments stop moss and algae from contaminating the flooring and therefore prevent a loss of porosity, leading to flooding and damage of the flooring if left unattended.

When carrying out cleaning of courts, we would generally advise you to get the surfacing treated too as part of the cleaning process.

This will help keep the porosity of flooring, making it easier to maintain.

What is tennis court maintenance?

Tennis court maintenance is the process of caring for your facility and its surrounding regions throughout the year to ensure that it remains in the best possible shape.

To keep your facility safe to use and retain the original playing qualities of the court, we provide preservation services such as cleaning and painting. 

What is a tennis court overlay?

Asphalt overlays are used to repair tennis courts that have severe structural fractures, wavy or uneven pavement, extreme surface degradation, and other issues that can't be fixed with temporary repairs or routine resurfacing.

Which direction should a tennis court face?

To reduce the impact of the sun on the play, the court should be positioned as near to north/south as feasible (the net line should be on an east/west axis).

This is especially important in the early morning and late afternoon.

Resurfacing a Tennis Court

Suppose the surface of your facility is in deplorable condition.

In that case, it may need a complete resurfacing project where the existing surfacing is removed and a brand new one is installed in its place.

This is the most extreme sports court upkeep method, which is typically used if the area becomes unsafe and unsuitable for use.

No other preservation method can bring back its original performance qualities.

For a complete tennis court renovation, we can install a completely new surface with improved playing qualities.

Many schools and clubs also choose to have an old facility replaced with a brand new surface to create better performance and improve the area's general look.

Other Maintenance Services We Offer

If you would like to find out more about tennis court maintenance in Rodmersham Green ME9 0, please look around the rest of our website.

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