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Thanks for visiting Tennis court Testing, we specialise in contamination testing which should be part of your maintenance plan. It lets you see how much dirt is within the infill and what the next maintenance step should be. Are you looking for a professional tennis court tester in Bridgnorth Then you have found the right place.

When you have an existing sports facility or a new one installed, it's important to carry out annual performance and safety tennis court testing in Bridgnorth WV16 4 to ensure that the surface is performing well and is safe for use with your primary sports and activities.

A sports surface test can also help to determine an appropriate maintenance plan for macadam, polymeric and synthetic grass sport courts and pitches. Sports facility testing can be split into two different categories, each of which has separate tests to determine individual characteristics of the surfacing:

Performance Tests - These are carried to assess how well the sports court performs for the player during matches and training. They can include impact tests to assess the ball bounce capabilities, levels testing to ensure an even playing surface, and ball roll testing to check the movement and velocity of a ball across the surfacing.

Safety Tests - These determine how safe the area is for general use by players. A safety test includes critical fall height tests to check the impact absorption, slip resistance assessments to prevent injury from slips and trips on the surfacing.

By carrying out professional tests, we can determine if any maintenance is required for your facility. If the synthetic turf is found to be contaminated, we will complete tennis court rejuvenation in Bridgnorth to remove the dirty infill and install a new clean layer.

To learn more about rejuvenation please click here If you have a tennis facility which needs to be tested for performance or safety qualities please contact us through the form on this page so we can discuss the costs.

Testing Sports Courts Near Me

Tennis court testing methods can also be used in conjunction with a maintenance schedule for the court as silica sand infill from a synthetic grass sport surface can be extracted and tested to check for any dirt and contaminants which could potentially damage the area and lead to a loss of performance quality.

The slip resistance tests will give the contractor an idea of the type of anti-slip paint which needs to be used for macadam or polymeric to give the right amount of grip and traction, this is especially useful if the sporting area is used for other sports such as netball and basketball. By applying regular tennis surface cleaning in Bridgnorth you can prevent the build-up of dirt and moss and ensure that the facility maintains the best playing qualities for as long as possible.

To find out more about our cleaning services please visit this page Cleaning is essential in order to keep the court in good condition.

If you think your sports facility has to be tested to determine a maintenance programme or to find out if it's performing properly, please fill out our contact form with details of your enquiry and we'll be able to offer you some professional advice regarding prices and specifications of work.

Slip Resistance Tests in Bridgnorth

Slip-resistance tests are very important during the proactive maintenance of sport courts. A slip test allows you to make sure that your sporting surface in Bridgnorth WV16 4 and surrounding areas, remains safe to play on - preventing players from becoming injured.

HSE found that a third of non-fatal major accidents are caused by players slipping or tripping. Since this number is so high, it is important that you carry out a slip test when looking at proactive upkeep. As a way to improve slip-resistance, you will need to complete regular cleaning and maintenance to make sure that the surfacing doesn't become slippery due to neglect. 

Slips can be prevented on tennis courts with the general clean-and-paint maintenance. Cleaning the area will remove any residue and leaves from trees which can make the court slippery. Our experts can also apply anti-slip paint which can help to better the appearance and performance of your surfacing along with the slip-resistance. 

What is Slip Testing?

Slip testing (or slip-resistance testing) is a way of measuring the coefficient of friction. This type of test can be done on a number of different surfacing types. It's important to ensure people using the facility in Bridgnorth and surrounding areas, will not be harmed due to a slippery surface. A number of tennis courts and playgrounds undergo slip testing to make certain the facilities are safe for use.

It is important to carry out a slip test to make certain the users will not be in any danger. A slip test will not take a long time and the costs are reasonable; if you'd like to discuss the process with us, please fill in the contact form. 

Sports Court Test Prices

Test prices can alter depending on a number of different factors. One of the biggest factors which alter the cost to test a tennis court is the dimensions of the area. If you've got a big facility near me, the cost to test the flooring for things like slip-resistance and safety will cost more when compared to having a smaller area. We try to get our prices as low as possible to meet your spending budget if you would like a free quotation please fill in our contact form.

We have years of experience in surface testing along with a range of other sport surfaces. Our expert knowledge and safety and performance tests come at reasonable prices.

We try to complete the tests as soon as possible and offer advice on how to fix any problems so that you can play on the surfacing again in no time. Since moss and algae growth is very common on sporting facilities across the United Kingdom, contamination and slip tests are very important to ensure the safety of the players. 

Sports court test prices can also vary depending on the type of test you require. If you'd like a quote regarding surface testing for your facility, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We can offer you more information on tennis court testing in Bridgnorth WV16 4 once you have filled out our enquiry form. 

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