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Welcome to tennis Court Maintenance, we are experts in the renovation of sports courts which involves removing all of the contamination of the surface. Do you need an experienced tennis court renovation contractor in Carmarthenshire Then you have come to the right place.

Our company can complete tennis court renovation in Carmarthenshire SA38 9 to rectify minor damages and remove dirt and debris. There are many professional and recreational courts in the UK at schools, clubs and residential sports facilities which have become worn out and damaged due to heavy use and lack of proper tennis court maintenance.

These macadam sports surfaces can become cracked and pitted with fretting, this means that the surfacing starts to come loose and creates an uneven surface which is unsafe for use. Lots of people think that these damaged courts need a full tennis facility refurbishment project in Carmarthenshire to bring back the required playing qualities.

For more information on refurbishment please click here However in many cases renovation is all that’s needed to improve the surface.

The renovation process takes place in a number of stages which include cleaning, repairs and colour coating:

Cleaning and Treatment – The first stage of the process is to thoroughly clean the area using a pressure washer to remove dirt and contaminants, leaving a smooth surface for the rest of the renovation to be carried out. The pressure washer clears the area of any debris, moss and algae which may have contaminated the sporting area and lead to a loss of porosity and drainage capabilities. A chemical treatment will then be applied to the surfacing to prevent more moss and algae growing on the surfacing and therefore reduce the risk of flooding in the future.

Tennis Court Repairs – The next part of the project is to fix any damaged or cracked areas in the macadam surface. This is done by applying 2mm emerald stone mixed with a polyurethane binder, this is then screeded so that the mixture fills in any cracks or pits in the tarmac and leaves the surfacing smooth and even before the next stage of the process. A polyurethane binder will then be applied onto the macadam sports surface to strengthen the existing tarmac and make the surface stable and safe for use.

Sport Surface Painting – Finally, a new coating of acrylic anti-slip paint will be sprayed onto the macadam to finish off the process. These specialist paints can be applied in a range of bright colours including red, blue and green, and they help to improve the grip and traction of the surface, therefore enhancing the performance qualities for a variety of sports. If you’d like to utilise the area for multiple sports, line markings can be painted on in contrasting colours for basketball and netball, or you can choose just to have lines marked out for tennis.

Sports Pitch Renovation in Carmarthenshire

The finished product from a sports pitch renovation project will be a much-improved sports surface which looks great and performs well. It’s important to carry out regular maintenance once we have completely renovated the area near me, as this will help to maintain the performance and safety qualities and improve the durability and longevity of the whole facility.

Without routine maintenance, the area can become badly damaged and may require more serious work. For example, we could carry out tennis pitch resurfacing - presented on this page - if the facility is in very bad condition and a clean and paint would not be enough to improve it.

If you've got a damaged or worn out facility in Carmarthenshire SA38 9 and surrounding areas, and you’re unsure if it needs resurfacing or renovation, please get in touch with us using our contact form and give us as much detail as you can about your enquiry.

One of our team members will get back to you with some professional advice in regards to what would be the best way to deal with your sporting facility and quotes and pricing for the recommended works.

How to Renovate a Tennis Court Near Me

If you're looking how to renovate a tennis court, these are the basic steps you will need to know:

  1. Clean the surfacing using a pressure washer

  2. Apply a moss and algae treatment to remove and prevent contamination

  3. Repair any damages on the surfacing using emerald stone mixed with polyurethane binder

  4. Install polyurethane binder coat if required to strengthen your existing surface and stick the paint to the surfacing better

  5. Paint the surfacing using a specialist anti-slip paint in the colour of your choice

  6. Install line-markings to allow for accurate scoring

We can carry out professional tennis court renovation to completely revitalise your facility. A number of courts which have been badly neglected have been renovated by our team. Renovations can dramatically enhance both the look and play of sports courts. However, if your surfacing is in extremely poor condition, you may benefit more from a full resurface. 

What is Sports Court Renovation?

Sports court renovation refers to specialist maintenance services to improve the look and play of a sports facility. Our company carry out specialist services to completely renovate the surfacing without needing to complete a full resurface. We have cleaned and painted a range of facilities across the UK, carrying out minor repairs too, in an attempt to transform worn out courts at a more affordable price.

Although our renovations will not restore all the original qualities of the courts like a full resurface would, they will dramatically improve the appearance and performance properties of the facility. 

If you'd like to discuss our renovations in Carmarthenshire and surrounding areas in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists can talk you through the process and supply you with a variety of case studies of past work which we have completed. 

How much does it Cost to Renovate Sports Courts?

The cost to renovate sports courts depends on a range of different factors. One of the biggest factors which alter the price of renovations is the area size. If you want to renovate a single court the price will be much cheaper compared to renovating a triple MUGA court. The existing condition of your facility will also have an effect on the cost of renovation.

If your surfacing is full of moss and algae along with other contamination, a skip may be required to take the dirt away. Also, the cost of cleaning may be higher because more chemical treatment and labour will be required. If you simply require tennis line markings alone the price to renovate the surfacing will generally be cheaper than if you're interested in more sports markings.

Tennis markings are generally much cheaper than others including basketball. The number of markings you need will also have an effect on the cost to renovate the sports courts. 

If you'd like more information on tennis court renovation in Carmarthenshire SA38 9 and you would like a quote for the work, please fill in our enquiry form and we will get back to you promptly. 

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