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Here at Tennis Court Maintenance, we are experts in tennis court refurbishments giving the pitch a new lease of life and restoring high performance playing qualities.

If you would like further expert advice around tennis court refurbishment in Brinscall our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

Carrying out tennis court refurbishment in Brinscall PR6 8 on an existing tennis surface can drastically improve the performance qualities as well as the appearance of the facility as a whole.

A lot of schools, colleges and clubs in the UK are looking to have their courts resurfaced and the surrounding area upgraded to create a facility which looks and plays like new.

The process of refurbishing existing surfaces can cover a wide range of maintenance, repair and upgrade works to improve the overall quality and look of the sporting area, giving the area a new lease of life.

Please contact us to discuss the options and the prices for refurbishing an existing outdoor sports facility.

Our team will get back to you as soon as possible with details on our projects and case studies which you can have a look at. 

Refurbishing Tennis Courts Near Me

Tennis Court Resurfacing – A major part of refurbishment is completely upgrading the surfacing itself by either replacing a damaged surface with a new layer in the same material or installing a completely new surface type altogether.

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Sport Surface Repairs and Renovation – If your surface is damaged and worn out but not in need of a full resurfacing project, it is possible to carry out repairs and renovation as part of the refurbishment.

This can include filling in any cracked or pitted areas with an emerald stone and polyurethane binder mixture which is screeded into the cracks to leave the surface even and smooth.

A polyurethane binder can then be applied to the sport surfacing to stabilise the existing macadam and make it secure so no loose stones come out and make the area unsafe.

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As tennis court maintenance experts in Brinscall we can advise you on the different types of work that can be carried out to fix problems on your sports surface.

Cleaning and Painting of the Court – Sports surfaces can often become contaminated by dirt and moss if they are not regularly cleaning and maintained, this can lead to a loss of permeability which then increases the risk of flooding in the area.

If the surfacing starts to get moss and algae growing on it, you should have it cleaned by a professional sport surfacing contractor to prevent the contaminants from causing damage.

A pressure washer will be used to remove the moss and debris, leaving the surface clean and clear of any dirt which could clog up the pores and affect the drainage qualities.

A new anti slip paint coating can then be applied to the area as the next part of the refurbishment.

These coloured coatings help to improve the grip of the court surface meaning that the performance and safety qualities are enhanced and players get a better game playing experience.

Line markings can also be applied in contrasting colours for different sports to make scoring easy for matches and to allow the facility to be used for multiple activities as multiple lines can be added in different colours.

Sports Facility Equipment and Extras – When you have a refurbishment project carried out, it can include upgrading all aspects of the facility and not just the sport surfacing itself.

New fencing can be installed in a higher quality design such as the super rebound specification to replace an existing chain link fence.

Floodlighting can be installed to allow the sports grounds in Brinscall PR6 8 and surrounding areas, to be used in non-daylight hours for training and matches in the evening, this can generate extra revenue for your organisation.

We install tennis courts in a range of specifications including macadam, polymeric rubber and artificial grass, so whether you’re looking to improve a court which is already in one of these surfaces, or you want a completely different material, we can help you.

Sports Surface Refurbishments in Brinscall

For artificial grass facilities, the sand infill can sometimes become dirty if litter, leaves and other debris get trapped within the turf and are not cleaned away.

When this happens the pitch can become contaminated as moss and algae start to grow leading to poor drainage and damage to the synthetic carpet.

When this happens we will carry out tennis surfacing rejuvenation in Brinscall.

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A rejuvenation is a process to remove the sand and apply a new layer of clean infill which boosts the playing characteristics.

If your sports surface is looking worn out and isn’t performing at its original standards, it might be in need of tennis court refurbishment.

Please use our contact form to give us as much detail as possible about your enquiry, and one of our experienced team members will respond with some helpful advice.

How to Refurbish a Sports Court Near Me

If you're wondering how to refurbish a sports court to improve the opportunities for those using your facility, please take a look at these simple steps:

  1. Clean and treat the surfacing regularly to prevent moss and algae

  2. Carry out painting when required to enhance the appearance and playing characteristics

  3. Inspect your surface for damages regularly

  4. Repair any minor damages using 2mm emerald stone mixed with polyurethane binder

  5. Resurface your sports court if cracks and damages are beyond repair

  6. Renew sports equipment like floodlighting, fencing and tennis posts regularly to prevent the facility from looking dated and worn out

It is important to refurbish the sports court in Brinscall and surrounding areas, regularly to ensure the safety of users and improve their appearance.

Renewing equipment is particularly important in sports clubs, schools and leisure centres if you want people to make use of the sports grounds.

If you've got broken posts and the area doesn't look appealing, many people may not want to use your facility.

We can carry out a full refurbishment to get your facility as good as new.

Simply fill in our contact box for more details. 

What is the Cost to Refurbish a Tennis Court?

The cost to refurbish a tennis facility can vary depending upon the equipment you would like to replace, the area size and the existing condition of the surfacing.

If you want to replace fencing and floodlights, the cost will be different to simply replacing a net.

You will need to look at the prices of different sports equipment prior to refurbishing.

The dimensions will also have an effect on the cost.

Obviously, if you've got a single court the price to clean and paint the surface will be cheaper compared to the price for double courts; similarly, the price of fencing will be cheaper, as less fencing would be needed to go around the facility.

The third factor which will affect costs is the current state of the sports grounds. If very little damages and contamination is on the surfacing the price would be cheap compared to if you had an area full of cracks and debris which required a full resurface. 

We can offer you a free quotation and advice on refurbishing sports facilities.

For more information on costs and prices of tennis court refurbishment in Brinscall PR6 8 and details regarding the process, please fill in our enquiry form and we will get back to you right away. 

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