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Thanks for visiting Tennis Court Maintenance, we are experts in the maintenance of cleaning tennis court surfaces to ensure it's safe for use and performs to the highest possible standards during practices and competitive events.

Are you looking for a professional tennis court cleaner in Heronsford Then you have found the right place.

It’s extremely important to keep your sports surface in Heronsford KA26 0 in top condition by regularly cleaning it to remove dirt and contaminants such as mould, mildew and stains.

Whether your facility is surfaced in macadam, polymeric rubber or artificial grass, you need to put an appropriate maintenance schedule into place to maintain its performance qualities and prevent any damage or flooding.

Cleaning your site on a regular basis will bring on many benefits, for example, extend its life expectancy, improve the safety of the surface and remove any debris from the permeable surfacing layers.

If you don’t carry out the necessary tennis court cleaning works, the surface could suffer from a build-up of debris which blocks the porous material of the court and stops water drainage, meaning that the facility can become waterlogged and unsafe for use.

When this happens we can complete tennis court repairs to fix the problems and restore good playing qualities.

The type of sports surfacing cleaning and maintenance needed can vary depending on a number of factors including the type and specification of surfacing, the location and surrounding area of the court, and the dimensions of the facility.

For example, if the playing area is surrounded by a lot of trees where leaves and dirt fall onto the surface, it’s likely that a more intensive cleaning programme will need to be used to prevent damage and flooding from the court's surroundings.

Larger tennis courts which get a lot of use will also need more maintenance than smaller recreational courts which don't get used as much.

Tennis Pitch Specialist Cleaning Near Me

The best cleaning method for tarmac and polymeric surfaces is specialist sports surfacing pressure washing.

We can carry out maintenance services in Heronsford KA26 0 and surrounding areas, to ensure the facility is performing well and is safe to play on.

The cleansing we conduct is powerful enough to remove any dirt, moss, lichen and contaminants from the surface of the facility without causing damage or wearing away the paint coating and line-markings.

Regularly using a jet washer during the sports surfacing cleaning process will ensure that the facility is kept to ITF and LTA accreditations and safety standards so you can be sure that your facility plays well and is safe for use.

Regularly brushing the surface of a macadam or polymeric playing area will also help with the removal of leaves and dirt so the flooring doesn’t become contaminated with moss and algae.

Drag brushing can also be used for artificial turf surfaces to remove contaminants from within the grass fibres and to keep the sand infill layer clean and evenly distributed.

We would advise carrying out repainting in Heronsford if the facility has lost its anti-slip qualities and has started to become unsafe for use.

To learn more about repainting please click here We offer the best prices for a repaint, so make sure to get in touch.

If your sports flooring near me, is in need of a thorough clean, please get in touch with us by filling in our contact form with details of your enquiry and we'll get back to you with some information in regards to quotes and maintenance works for your particular facility.

How to Clean a Tennis Court Surface

If you are interested to know how to clean a tennis surface, please follow these steps:

  1. Treat the surface with a chemical moss and algae substance

  2. Clean the area thoroughly using a specialist jet washer / pressure washer

Our experts can carry out the cleaning process annually to maintain the flooring and prevent moss and algae growing on the playing surface.

Our team of cleaning services experts can carry out cleaning to a professional standard leaving you with a thoroughly clean surface which is safe to play on. 

How much does it Cost to Clean a Tennis Court?

The price to clean a tennis court can vary depending on the size and condition of your existing surfacing.

If you have a single court the price to clean the area will be cheaper than the cost to clean double or triple courts.

Another factor which affects the price of cleaning is the current state of your facility.

Surfaces which have a lot of dirt and debris on will require more maintenance, which could make the cost of the cleaning more expensive.

Additionally, moss-filled courts may require more chemical treatment when compared to surfaces with minimum contamination, which could cause the price to alter.

If you want to make the price of cleansing as cheap as possible, we would recommend carrying out a thorough cleanse each year.

This will prevent moss and algae growth and keep the surfacing clean and safe to play on.

we would always recommend having your court and equipment undergo regular maintenance to keep the area safe for your tennis players.

If you require more information regarding the cost to clean sports courts in Heronsford and surrounding areas and want to see what the finished result would be, please fill in our contact box.

Other Maintenance Services We Offer

Pressure Wash Tennis Court in Heronsford

Our specialists are able to pressure wash sports courts around the UK to renew facilities and make them safer to play on.

Our experts will ensure that we do not damage your surface when carrying out the pressure washing services; we have a professional technique to ensure that the playing surface will be cleansed with no damage caused.

If you would like to contact us for more information on tennis court cleaning in Heronsford KA26 0 and you are interested in getting a quote for the services we provide, please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with helpful advice and details on pressure washing.

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